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Tipper Trucks - Aluminium or Steel

Available in aluminium or steel tray. The Evenly Distributed Load rated flooring ranges from 1 tonne to 4 tonnes. All heavy duty design and construction scissor lift hoist for the one tonne tipper. Twin ram heavy duty design and construction scissor lift hoist for 2 tonne tipper. Larger trucks have a five stage telescopic ram for that heavy load. Heavy duty steel hinges and corner fasteners.

All Transalloy trays have the option of several different locking systems. All steel trays are finished in a white two pack enamel paint. Optional colour coding available.

Transalloy 30 years experience. Our high standard and quality.


  Single ram scissor
lift or....
Twin ram
2 tonne tipper
Aluminium tipper

2 tonne steel tipper
with dual action
Steel tippers with
optional rack



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