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Signature MK2

The 'Signature' tray is designed for the tradesman when his reputation is on show.

We use our unique universal mounting system which has been engineered approved and tested. 4 tonne rated aluminium flooring system has been tested to carry Evenly Distributed 4 tonne Loads. Heavy duty integrated corner posts supporting 65mm or upgrade to 75mm contoured headboard. All hinges and heavy duty corner fasteners are 'dichromate' plated to protect against Australia's harsh climate conditions. Checker plate mudguards are standard. Heavy duty 40mm continuous rope rail system so tie down is easy at any point. Easily fits a steel cap work boot. Choose from a select range of colours to trim your tray to match your corporate colours (Single Stripe only). LED braking light mounted in headboard. Optional 'slide away' tool draw. Optional boxes mounted under tray utilising all space available keeping tray free to carry that big load. Transalloys 30 years experience and our high standard and quality.

  Heavy duty
and corner
Integrated corner
and LED
brake light
  Heavy duty step
continuous rope
rail insert
Toolbox (optional) Tail light
protector bar



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