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At Transalloy we build every type of truck body you can imagine, from light mesh cages to 16 tonne trays. Our designers are available to consult with you about your requirements to design the best possible body for your business needs.

All Transalloy bodies feature our own unique universal mounting system which has been engineered, tested and approved to the highest standards. Whether you choose the light weight of aluminium or the extra strength of steel, safety and durability are built into all Transalloy products.

  • Aluminium Trays
  • Steel Trays
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Vans

As well as complete bodies, Transalloy make and fit a diverse range of trucking spare parts and accessories. We offer slide-away trays, canopies, tool boxes, ladder racks, mesh cages, mesh gates, winches, and lights, to name such a few.

What's New - Built-In Sideboard Tie Point section

The newest addition to Transalloy’s ever expanding accessories range is the strong & sturdy, Built-In Sideboard Tie Point section. This innovative design uses 20mm (I.D.) solid steel, spring-backed eyelets that can be easily manoeuvred up & down the sides simply by turning the eyelet to loosen it off, then sliding along to the preferred location in the sideboard section. It minimises stress placed on sides caused by tying over the top, eliminates the need for a gap under the boards & provides full use of your floor space by quashing the need for recessed floor tie downs.

Buying a new truck?

Don't compromise on the quality of your tray. Transalloy can fit a quality body to virtually every light truck available. Built to not only satisfy your requirements, but also those of the RTA and original vehicle builder. We are able to work with all Motor Dealers to deliver the optimal tray or body for your needs.


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